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Nummer:prNORSOK I-002
Komité:SN/K 114/EG I
Navn på komité:Integrated Control and Safety System
Standard Norges høringsstart:14. jan 2021
Standard Norges høringsfrist:12. mar 2021
Contact email:kau(at)standard.no
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This document covers functional and technical requirements for design of Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) part of an oil & gas production and/or processing facility.

IACS is the collection of personnel, hardware, and software that can affect or influence the safe, secure, and reliable operation of industrial processes.

This document applies to end-user companies and others that are in need of requirements addressing an open, secure, and interoperable IACS solution that is based on industry standards and practices valid at publication, and that utilise one central control room for operation of the facility.

The IACS architecture described will enable a safe, secure and efficient management of hardware and software, flexible vertical integration of operational technology (OT)/information technology (IT) functions, and low effort horizontal integration of control and monitoring functions between industrial control systems.

This revision of the standard seeks not to prevent use of near-future technology concepts that are currently under development. Example can be IEEE’s ethernet advanced physical layer (APL) communication and time sensitive networking (TSN), open group’s open process automation (OPA), and NAMUR’s open architecture (NOA).

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