Høringsforslag - detaljer

Nummer:prNORSOK S-WA-006 ed 2
Komité:SN/K 114/EG S
Standard Norges høringsstart:20. des 2019
Standard Norges høringsfrist:26. feb 2020
Contact email:ika(at)standard.no
Høringsforslagets omfang:

NORSOK S-WA-006 has been extended with HSEQ requirements to contracts. The English edition will be translated to Norwegian. Norwegian drafts will be uploaded when they are ready. 

Comments can be given in both languages. 

Please be aware that comments given to the new parts will be discussed and implemented. The new parts are Clause 3.42-3-51, Clause 7 and Annex B, Annex C and Annex D. 

Editorial updates to text from first edition is also welcome (correction of misprints). 

A formal approval of the document is planned on March 11th in Stavanger. 


NB! Kommentarer skal gis på det språket høringsforslaget er skrevet på.