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Nummer:prEN ISO 22598
Komité:CEN/TC 55
Navn på komité:Dentistry
Standard Norges høringsstart:1. apr 2019
Standard Norges høringsfrist:27. mai 2019
Contact email:haa(at)standard.no
Høringsforslagets omfang:This International Standard describes requirements for tooth-like colour representations made of ceramic materials used to determine the tooth colour in the patient’s mouth or to check the colour of dental prosthesis, which are referred to as shade guides (colour rings) in this standard. The coordinates of tooth colours in the colour space (colour coordinates) the specification of which is left to the manufacturers’ discretion as well as the colour deviations of ceramic and other masses or materials used in the manufacture of dental prosthesis do not fall into the scope of this standard. Resources for visualizing the colours of ceramic and other masses, e.g. mass shade guides and colour patterns for certain ceramic and other masses, do not fall into the scope of this International Standard. They can be manufactured from any materials and serve solely to illustrate the colour effect; they do not serve colour determination inside the mouth.

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