Tekstiler til hjemmet. Lintøy

Komité: CEN/TC 248 (Textiles and textile products)
Sluttdato: 18. jun 2020
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This document specifies requirements for the safety of removable cot duvet covers, used in the child’s sleeping environment (i.e. not under supervision), and designed to envelop a cot duvet when sleeping in a cot or similar product (e.g. crib/cradle) in which a child is contained. This document specifies requirements for removable cot duvet covers suitable for children up to 36 months. The requirements for cot duvets are covered in EN 16779-1. If a part of the cot duvet covers is designed to offer additional functions (e.g. play function), in addition of the following requirements, this part will be subjected to safety requirements related to relevant standards (see A.1).