Maling- og lakkindustri

Komité: SN/K 51 (Overflatebeskyttelse og korrosjon)
Opprinnelse: SN
Sluttdato: 11. nov 2021
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This document addresses performance criteria for coating systems on exterior wood. Performance requirements are specified according to three categories of end use (defined in EN 927 1) in terms of two mandatory tests, namely natural weathering performance testing carried out in accordance with EN 927 3, and water permeability in accordance with EN 927 5. Additional optional tests (non-mandatory) are tabled which can be used by suppliers, or for specification purposes, to provide additional information, to a standardized format, on aspects of performance relevant to specific situations. The majority of test methods are drawn from EN 927 (all parts), but where relevant additional tests from other national and international sources are used. Requirements for claiming conformity with this document are defined and provide flexibility for different situations and can also provide a basis for certification.