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Komité: ISO/TC 61/SC 5 (Physical-chemical properties)
Opprinnelse: ISO
Sluttdato: 12. jul 2022
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ISO 6401:2008 specifies a method for the determination of vinyl chloride monomer in homopolymer and copolymer resins of vinyl chloride and compounded materials. The method is based on sample dissolution and headspace gas chromatography. Concentrations of vinyl chloride in the range 0,1 mg/kg to 3,0 mg/kg can be determined.

A "dry method", suitable for PVC resins but not compounded materials, is widely used within the industry for in-house determinations. A separate International Standard based on this methodology is under development.

Komité: CEN/TC 249 (Plastics)
Opprinnelse: SN
Sluttdato: 11. aug 2022
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This document defines a method of specifying delivery conditions for poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) recyclates. It gives the most important characteristics and associated test methods for assessing of PVC recyclates intended for use in the production of semi-finished/finished products. It is intended to support parties involved in the use of recycled PVC by mechanical recycling to agree on specifications for specific and generic applications. This document does not cover the characterization of plastics wastes, which is covered by EN 15347, neither treaceability topics which are covered by EN 15343. This document is applicable without prejudice to any existing legislation.
Komité: ISO/TC 61/SC 9 (Thermoplastic materials)
Opprinnelse: ISO
Sluttdato: 18. aug 2022
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The principle of the method is maintaining a test portion of the PVC at an agreed temperature in a nitrogen gas stream, absorbing the hydrogen chloride evolved in a given amount of demineralized water, and potentiometrically determining the amount of hydrogen chloride evolved in relation to the recorded change in conductivity of the water. The method is recommended for compounded PVC materials and products only, although it can be used for polymers in powder form under appropriate conditions.