Utstyr for petroleums- og naturgassindustri generelt

Komité: SN K/114 EG Z TE (EG Z TE Temporary Equipment)
Sluttdato: 12. nov 2018
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This revision is a minor adjustment related to Rev 4, September 2012

Revision notes.

Annex K (Marking of manned module) is added.

Some requirements have been adapting to requirements in DNV GL 2.7-2.

Furthermore, all requirements/guidelines regarding the use of the temporary equipment on board the unit, are described as "Notes - Guidelines for use on board".

Komité: NORSOK EG C (Architect)
Sluttdato: 12. des 2018
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NORSOK C-004 "Helicopter deck on offshore installations" is under revision.

You are invited to review the document and propose improvements. 

There are two new anexes. You will find Annex A as clause 28 and Annex B as clause 29 in the web version (the pdf is numbered correctly). 

Guiding on structural design for helidecks is emphasised in this edition.

Comments shall be given through this portal in English.