Petroleumsteknologi og beslektet teknologi

Komité: CEN/TC 19 (Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin.)
Sluttdato: 23. jul 2018
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This method determines cloud point using a step-wise cooling technique that is executed through automated equipment types with optical detection mode. This method is an alternative to the normal, manual technique as described in EN 23015. It is a generic method that covers existing automated equipment. The determination method covers distillate fuels (automotive and marine), paraffinic diesel fuel, fatty acid methyl ester and blends thereof at 7% up to 30% in volume.
Komité: ISO/TC 28 (Petroleum and related products, fuels and lubricants from natural or synthetic sources)
Sluttdato: 23. jul 2018
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Komité: CEN/TC 12 (Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries)
Sluttdato: 14. aug 2018
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This document specifies the tasks, contents and basic methods of the geological hazard identification, evaluation and control of oil and gas pipelines. It is proposed to apply in geological hazard management of land-based long-distance transportation of crude oil, refined oil, natural gas, coal bed methane and coal gas pipelines. The “pipelines” referred in this document include pipelines and subsidiary facilities of pipes and the “geological hazards” include geotechnical hazards, water hazards and geological constructive hazards. Furthermore, geotechnical hazards merely contain landslides, collapse, debris flow, ground subsidence (including only gob collapse and karst collapse), special types of soil (including only loess collapse, swelling of swelling soil, the frost heaving and thaw settlement of frozen soil and the salt heaving collapsibility and wind erosion and sand burying of salty soil); hydraulic hazards consist of slope damage, river ditch damage and farmland damage due to rainfall. Geological constructive hazards only contain faulting and earthquake. This document is not applicable to process pipelines in oil or gas stations, urban gas pipelines, pipelines for oil refining or petrochemical factory and any other enterprises related. This document can be used as a reference in the risk assessment of oil and gas gathering and transportation pipelines.
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Komité: CEN/TC 238 (Test gases, test pressures, appliance categories and gas appliance types)
Sluttdato: 15. aug 2018
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Komité: ISO TC 67 (Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries)
Sluttdato: 20. aug 2018
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ISO 17782 "Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries — Scheme for conformity assessment of manufacturers of special materials"  has been launched for FDIS.

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Komité: CEN/TC 12 (Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries)
Sluttdato: 12. sep 2018
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Komité: EG UB (Underwater operations)
Sluttdato: 14. sep 2018
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NORSOK U-103 Petroleum related manned underwater operations inshore is ready for review by the industry.


The scope of work for the revision has been to synchronize the U-103 standard to the newly revised U-100 Manned underwater operations Edition 5, and also incorporate industry experience and feed backs from using the standard.

Only comments from the enquiry portal will be accepted.

The main changes are;

- Former Annex C and corresponding definitions of helmets etc.,has been removed.
- Exception for treatment chamber in alternative location (clause 7)

- 2.1 Normative references list has been evaluated and revised.
- 2.2 Informative reference list has been replaced with Bibliography (after last Annex).
- 3.1.7 “Underwater worker” is called “diver”
- 3.1.8 Definition of “diving basket” harmonized with U-100
- 3.1.16 diving winch – text edited
- 3.1.33 stand-by diver – text edited
- 3.1.35 verification – text edited
- 6.2 Responsible Competent Diving Doctor (RCDD) term used for earlier diving doctor
- 7.3.7 Diving assistant – text edited
- 7.3.10 Minimum crew – text edited
- Much of clause 7 is harmonized with U-100
- 8.6.5 «Marking» is harmonized with U-100
- 8.3 Handling systems (LARS) – text edited/modified
- 8.6.4 Dimrnsions of hyperbaric chamber gas supply (when used for treatment) – heading modified
- 8.8 Breathing apparatus – text edited and modified
- 8.9 Diver umbilical  - text edited and modified
- 8.10 Tools – heading modified
- 8.11 Diving platform/vessel – heading modified
- 9.3.2  Surface oriented diving . First clause under table 1 – text edited
- 9.3.3. Saturation diving/closed bell diving. Text edited
- 9.4 Monitoring.  Section now harmonized with U-100 and text edited
- 9.6 Communication. Third sub section – texts edited  - storing of coms for 48 hrs
- 10 Emergency preparedness requirements. Sub section 1-3 and 5– text edited

Edited and moved:
- 9.1 Responsibilities. All former sections under earlier “General” is moved or deleted

New and added text:
- 1. Scope – added Ref to NORSOK U100 for use of closed diving bell and or saturation diving
- 3. Terms, definitions and abbreviations section is now harmonized with U-100
- 4 Abbreviations is a new chapter
- 6.2 Responsible Competend Diving Doctor (RCDD) – section updated
- 7.3.8 Responsible Competent Diving Doctor  - competency added
- 7.3.9 Diving duty doctor – competency added
- Most of section 8 is now edited and harmonised with U-100
- 5.2 Safety - included and harmionized in  line with U-100
- Definitions of diving/closed, wet bell
- 8.1.2 Implementing new Technology – new section and text
- 8.1.3 Electricity, new section and text
- 8.2 Dimmensions and lay-outs, new sections added
- 8.3 Handlng system (LARS) subclause b) new depth limit added
- 8.4 Self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat (SPHL) new section
- 8.5 Life support package – new section
- 8.6 Gas supply - new sections and edited text
- 8.7 Thermal balance – new section and text
- 8.8 Breathing apparatus – New section and edited text
- 8.13 Communication – new section
- 8.14 Fire protection – new section and text
- 8.15 Remotely operated vehicle used in conjunction with diving – new section
- 8.16 Potable water supply
- 8.17 Maintenance - new text added
- 9.1 Responsibilities – New heading and text
- 9.1.2 Personnel subjected to hyperbaric conditions (include logbooks)
- 9.3.1 SCUBA diving – new text
- 9.4.3 Visual monitoring – new text
- 9.5 Operational measures – new text
- 10 Emergency preparedness requirement subsection 4 – text changed
- Annex A Weekly Report – new collums added to report for max depth, repeated dive
- Annex C Surface Oriented Diving Supervisoers inshore – title edited