Gruvedrift og mineraler

Komité: CEN/TC 151 (Construction equipment and building material machines - Safety)
Sluttdato: 5. aug 2021
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This document, together with EN 1009-1:201X, specifies safety requirements and verification for the design and construction of mobile machinery for crushing, screening, feeding, conveying minerals and by-products: (cement, lime, gypsum. sand, gravel, industrial minerals, metaliferous ore, and hard and soft rock aggregates, coal) and by-products (slag and ashes, production and demolition waste) in construction and industry. In addition, this document specifies the type of information on safe working practices (including residual risks) to be provided by the manufacturer. The requirements of this document are complementary to the common requirements formulated in EN 1009-1, EN 1009-2, EN 1009-3, EN 1009-4, EN 1009-5. This part does not repeat the requirements from EN 1009-1, but adds or replaces them. When requirements of this document are different from those which are stated in EN 1009-1, EN 1009-2, EN 1009-3, EN 1009-4, EN 1009-5 the requirements of this document takes precedence