Anlegg og utstyr for næringsmiddelindustrien

Komité: CEN/TC 153 (Machinery intended for use with foodstuffs and feed)
Sluttdato: 5. aug 2021
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1.1 This document specifies safety and hygiene requirements for the design and manufacture of craft bakery and pastry depositors which: a) are intended to be used: — to deposit only pasty food (i.e.: cream, dough, batter etc.); — to deposit only on trays; — as standalone machines; — with manual loading of the dough in the hopper; b) are intended to be used with manual loading and unloading of the tray/s on/from the conveyor; c) can carry out only the following movements and relevant directions (see Figure 1a)): — Z: Vertical movement of the table and/or the deposit unit; — X: Horizontal movement of the conveyor; — Y: possible horizontal component of the movement only of the nozzles themselves inside the deposit unit; d) are fitted with one or more hoppers whose capacity is ≤ 60 dm3 each; and e) have a total length of the tray conveyor ≤ 1 600 mm; f) have a vertical movement between nozzles and conveyor ≤ 200 mm; g) have a maximum deposit performance: — ≤ 60 cycles/minute with up/down m