Emner: Verneklær; Klær
Komité: CEN/TC 162 (Protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets)
Sluttdato: 23. apr 2020
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This document formulates requirements for garments that support the protection against tick bites. The document applies to all types of garments where protection against tick bites, which is provided by garments as physical barriers, is reinforced by industrial treatment with the biocide permethrin prior to confection NOTE Untreated garments covering the torso, arms and legs and feet offer some protection against tick bites but are insufficient under high exposure to ticks, which can crawl over the fabric to reach bare skin and bite. Garments that comply with this document and cover at least torso, arms and legs counter ticks from crawling over the fabric to reach bare skin and bite; such garments thereby provide substantial additional protection.