Komité: CEN/TC 146 (Packaging machines - Safety)
Sluttdato: 13. des 2018
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This document establishes safety requirements for the main types of form, fill and seal machines, fill and seal machines and auger fillers, volumetric cup fillers, nett weighers and multi-head weighers which are frequently fitted to these machines. Form fill and seal machines: - flow wrapping machine; - vertical form, fill and seal machine; - horizontal sachet form, fill and seal machine; - thermoform, fill and seal machine; - tubular bag form, fill and seal machine; - mandrel form, fill and seal machine. Fill and seal machines: - pre-made bag, erect, fill and seal machine; - cup or tub fill and seal machine; - sack fill and seal machine. Filling machines commonly fitted to form, fill and seal machines and fill and seal machines: - auger filler; - volumetric cup filler; - nett weigher; - multi-head weigher. Other types of form, fill and seal machine which are described in 3.3 have similar hazards to these machines and Clause 4 indicates which clauses of this standard are applicable to these machines. This document covers the safety requirements for machine design, construction and all phases of life of the machines including installation, commissioning, operation, adjustment, maintenance and cleaning. This document applies to machines manufactured after the date of issue of this document. Exclusions This standard does not apply to: - blow mould fill and seal machines; - bulk container fill and seal machines; - cartoning machines; - food depositors, including volumetric piston depositors; - thermoforming machines. This document does consider hazards due to dust from the products being packed in these machines and modified atmosphere gases, but does not consider other hazards caused by the product being packed.