Komité: CEN/TC 146 (Packaging machines - Safety)
Sluttdato: 21. mar 2019
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This standard specifies the safety requirements for the design, manufacture and information for safe use of palletisers, depalletisers, and stackers/unstackers of empty pallets integrated or not into a (de)palletiser as defined in 3.1. In many respects palletisers and depalletisers present the same risks. In this text they are referred to together as (de)palletisers. For manipulating industrial robots used in (de)palletiser applications this standard and EN 775 apply. These safety requirements apply to automatic and semi-automatic (de)palletisers. They take into account the hazards which may occur during setting, commissioning and decommissioning, adjustment, use according to the information given by the manufacturer, maintenance (both preventive and repair) and cleaning. This standard does not cover the following hazards which can occur on (de)palletisers in certain circumstances: - Heat; - Noise; - Radiation; - Fumes, gas, dust; - Vibration; - Ergonomics (see EN 614-1:1995). Furthermore this standard does not cover hazards arising from contents of the load (e.g. toxic or flammable materials). Linked equipment, before and after the (de)palletiser, which is not an integral part of (de)palletising machinery, (for example pallet load securing) is not covered by this standard. This standard applies primarily to the machines which are manufactured after the date of issue of the standard (see EN 415-4:1997)