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Emner: Kraner
Komité: CEN/TC 147 (Cranes - Safety)
Sluttdato: 1. apr 2021
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This document specifies health and safety design requirements for control devices and control stations for all types of cranes. Specific requirements for particular types of crane are given in the appropriate European standard for the particular crane type. Control systems are covered by other standards, e.g. EN 60204-32:2008 and EN 13135:2013+A1:2018. This document does not deal with noise hazards because these are dealt with in safety standards for specific types of cranes. It also does not address the design of the cabin with regard to its sound insulation properties. This document covers specific hazards, which could occur during the use of control devices and control stations. It does not cover hazards, which could occur during transport, construction, modification, de-commissioning or disposal. The hazards covered by this standard are identified in Clause 4. This document is applicable after the date of approval by CEN of this standard.