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Komité: ISO/TC 205 (Building environment design)
Opprinnelse: SN
Sluttdato: 9. jan 2023
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ISO 16484-1:2010 specifies guiding principles for project design and implementation and for the integration of other systems into the building automation and control systems (BACS). ISO 16484-1:2010 specifies the phases required for the BACS project, including: design (determination of project requirements and production of design documents including technical specifications), engineering (detailed function and hardware design), installation (installing and commissioning of the BACS), and completion (handover, acceptance and project finalization). ISO 16484-1:2010 also specifies the requirements for as-built documentation and training. ISO 16484-1:2010 is not applicable to operation and maintenance, nor is it applicable to retro or continuous commissioning, including a commissioning authority.