Anvendelser av IT i transport og handel

Komité: ISO/TC 8/SC 11 (Intermodal and Short Sea Shipping)
Opprinnelse: ISO
Sluttdato: 2. mar 2023
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The proposed standard will specify a standardised digital format for service reports to be used after finalization of a software maintenance event, thereby enabling it to be integrated directly with the ship’s SSLS and make sure that it is recorded in the onboard software log.
Komité: CEN/TC 337 (Road operation equipment and products)
Opprinnelse: SN
Sluttdato: 30. mar 2023
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This document specifies a standardized protocol for downloading data from the equipment control box to an in vehicle board computer to ensure interchangeability between a vehicle and different equipment that the same vehicle can carry. It specifies the interface connection as well as variables, records and reports which permit standardized protocol to cover applications with the greatest possible variety of equipment for performing winter maintenance and road service area maintenance.