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Komité: CEN/TC 182 (Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements)
Sluttdato: 18. okt 2018
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This document specifies the requirements for portable locating leak detectors and fixed gas detectors for all refrigerants. Locating detectors used in factories for manufacturing processes are not included in the Scope of prEN 14624. 1.1 Product application: This document applies to different applications and environments such as plant and machine rooms, production rooms, cold rooms, supermarkets, occupied spaces like offices and hotels. 1.2 Product performance: This document specifies minimum requirements for sensitivity, operating range, response time, environmental conditions and cross sensitivity from interference gases. 1.3 Product installation: This document gives guidance of suitable technology, location of detection points, interconnection with secondary equipment (e.g. initiation of mechanical ventilation, personnel warning, equipment shutdown). 1.4 Service and maintenance: This document gives guidance for service and maintenance: Sensors and mechanical equipment have a limited operating life and require regular performance verification to ensure conformity.