Komité: CEN/TC 138 (Non-destructive testing)
Sluttdato: 9. jul 2020
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This document determines the guidelines and the specifications for non-destructive testing using active thermography with laser excitation. Active thermography with laser excitation is mainly applicable, but not limited to different materials (e.g. composites, metals, ceramics) and to: - the detection of surface-breaking discontinuities, particularly cracks; - the detection of discontinuities located just below the surface or below coatings with an efficiency that diminishes rapidly with a few mm depth; - the detection of disbonds and delamination parallel to the examined surface; - the measurement of thermal material properties, like thermal diffusivity; - the measurement of coating thickness. The requirements for the equipment, for the verification of the system, for the surface condition of the part to be tested, for the scanning conditions, for the recording, the processing and the interpretation of the results are specified. Acceptance criteria are not defined. Active thermography with laser excitation can be applied in industrial production as well as in maintenance and repair (vehicle parts, engine parts, power plant, aerospace, etc.).