Sterilisering og desinfeksjon

Komité: CEN/TC 216 (Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics)
Sluttdato: 4. okt 2018
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The method described herein is designed to determine the disinfectant activity of processes used in hospital, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, veterinary, industrial and food processing areas. The product trialled is designed to be diffused as gaseous molecules or solid or liquid-form dispersants. NOTE Concerning automatic disinfectant processes: the limits to use, especially in terms of ability to diffuse throughout the room (min and max effective volumes), shall be specified and stated in the test report; certain automatic disinfection processes are only suitable for use in large-volume spaces well in excess of 150 m3. Under these conditions, the systems cannot be tested in indoor spaces less than 150 m3 due to the high power of the jet spray; "additional experimental conditions" (see should therefore be used and the tests should only be performed in test rooms with volumes different to the obligatory conditions.