Emner: Posttjenester
Komité: CEN/TC 331 (Postal services)
Sluttdato: 25. apr 2019
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This European Standard specifies methods for measuring the end-to-end transit time of domestic and cross-border Single Piece Priority Mail (SPPM), collected, processed and delivered by postal service operators. It considers methods using representative end-to-end samples for all types of single piece priority mail services for addressed mail with defined transit-time service levels offered to the customer. This standard is applicable to the measurement of End-to-End priority mail services. The standardized QoS-measurement method provides a uniform way for measuring the end-to-end transit time of postal items. Using a standardized measurement method will assure that the measurement will be done in an objective and equal way for all operators in accordance with the requirements of the Postal Directive 97/67/EC and its amendments. This European Standard is mandatory and mainly used for performance measurement connected to requirements of the Universal Postal Service; domestic and international (UNEX).