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Komité: CEN/TC 447 (Horizontal standards for the provision of services)
Sluttdato: 13. aug 2020
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This document provides guidance on the design, content and structure of service contracts. It is aimed at buyers and service providers entering a contractual relationship who do not necessarily have legal training. The guidance set out in this document does not constitute legal advice. This document is applicable to: a) service buyers and service providers regardless of type, size or the nature of the services; b) service providers who may be inside or outside the service buyers' organization; and c) any interested parties who are directly or indirectly involved in or affected by a procurement process. This document is not applicable to business-to-consumer (B2C) service contracts or for works contracts. NOTE 1 ‘Works contracts’ are contracts that have as their object the execution, or both the design and execution, of a work are not covered. Contracts having as their object only the design of a work are covered. NOTE 2 ‘Work’ means the outcome of building or civil engineering works taken as a whole which is sufficient in itself to fulfil an economic or technical function.